Starting points: 270 points.

Disad Limit: -30, racial disadvantages don't count. An extra -5 points worth of quirks may be taken.

Everyone must select a 200 point character template from Eric Funk's "Dungeon Fantasy on the Cheap", while removing -20 points of required disadvantages from the templates. They may then spend their remaining 50 points (or 55 if they take five quirks) on any of: bringing their template up to the full DF1 version, multiclass templates from DF3, or races from DF3. Experienced players may make their characters from scratch, so long as they use the DF templates as guides for expected attribute and skill levels.

A note on high-value races: If a player wants to take a race that costs more than 50 points, they may do so as long as their race includes traits that are also in their template. Thus a Celestial Holy Warrior is totally feasible, as 60 point of his racial cost goes into attribute increases required by his class anyways.

See also Races, for notes on how some races have changed from their presentation in DF3.

Free Stuff[]

Languages: Every character starts with Fluent Spoken comprehension in their native language and Broken Spoken comprehension in Trade Pidgin. Literacy must be paid for!

Perks and Techniques: Every character gets 10 free points to spend on techniques, languages, or perks of their choice.


Disadvantages: Each character must take a trait related to one of the four major NPCs in the campaign. Each is essentially a Sense of Duty to a single individual, with the reason for the SoD explicitly spelled out. They include:

  • Best Friend - NPC Choices: Ameiko, Sandru.
  • Caravan Guard - NPC Choices: Sandru.
  • Childhood Crush - NPC Choices: Ameiko, Sandru, Shalelu.
  • Foster Child - NPC Choices: Koya.
  • Friend of the Family - NPC Choices: Koya.
  • Hero Worship - NPC Choices: Ameiko, Shalelu.
  • Rescued - NPC Choices: Koya, Shalelu.
  • Student Survivalist - NPC Choices: Shalelu.
  • Younger Sibling - NPC Choices: Ameiko, Sandru, Shalelu.

Any PC may choose to take Higher Purpose (Defending the NPC their SoD is linked to) [5] if they wish.

Skills: Every character should have the following skills.

All of: Climbing, Hiking, Stealth, and First Aid.

One of: Carousing, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, or Interrogation.

One of: Observation, Scrounging, or Search.

One of: Savoir-Faire or Streetwise.

Wild Cards: While wildcard skills are allowed, it is explicitly up to the GM whether a particular application of a skill contained within the wildcard counts. So while Scout! may include Shadowing, the GM may feel that trying to tail someone in a city doesn't really fall under Scout!. However, for every 12 points spent on a wildcard skill, the player gets a Destiny Point per session which can be spent on any of the following so long as it is related to the wildcard skill: a single use of Luck, buying successes, flesh wounds, or player guidance (various levels of Serendipity).

Equipment and Wealth[]

Starting Wealth: $1000. You may trade up to 5 character points for money, at a ratio of $500 per character point. The Wealth advantage is not available, nor is the Poverty disadvantage - instead see the Connections advantage and related disadvantage. Earned wealth will be "free" with no point cost associated, but will not be "plot protected" either and can be wasted, swindled away, or stolen.

Available Gear

Characters may buy equipment up to TL 3, using the TLs and statistics listed in GURPS Low Tech, except where otherwise modified by the Houserules.

Equipment from the Dungeon Fantasy books generally doesn't have a TL assigned. All equipment from DF1 and the various ornamental or trade goods from DF8 will be considered acceptable starting equipment.

TL 4 equipment does exist in the game, but is double cost.

Crafted Equipment At Character Creation[]

If you have the skills to make an item at character creation, as per "Getting Stuff Cheap" in DF2, you can start with it at reduced price as if you had succeeded on the roll. This is to save a lot of annoying rolling before play even starts. See pages 3-4 in DF2 for details.

Magic Items At Character Creation[]

Any alchemical concoction from DF1 may be purchased at character creation at 1/5 cost. Spell stones can be purchase at 1/3 cost. Permenant magical items or enchantments are not available at character creation.

Replacement Characters

Based on information salvaged from the GM by a player!


Replacement characters start with the same point count as your old character. Otherwise, follow the same or similar rules for creating a new character: same disadvantage limit, trait limits, etc.


  • Replacement characters get an equivalent to the "nicely tailored random magical doo-dad" we all found in Brinestone. Send the GM three things you'd like and he'll pick one, assuming they're in the correct price range ($7200).
  • You can start with a new Named Weapon with abilities, but their abilities must be paid for out of starting cash.
  • Starting cash is 80% of your last character's value.

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