Primary Sources[]

Use Low Tech for all gear stats unless otherwise specified. Areas that will use DF rules instead include: Scaling rules and weapon and armor modifiers.

Use the stats from this thread (courtesy of Icelander) for horses.

Revised Potions and Poisons[]

Healing Potions are unfortunately rarely worth the cash investment, and as permanent resources they should be generally valuable and reliable. Leave the weight of healing potions unchanged, but increase the amount they heal, as follows: Minor Healing, 1d6+2. Major Healing, 1d6+6. Greater Healing, 2d6+9.

The prices and weights of utility poisons from official SJ Games sources should be reduced by a factor of 5. Bladeback costs $200 and weighs 0.1 lbs per dose. Monster drool costs $4 and weighs 0.1 lbs per dose. A single dose of utility poison can be used to coat 3 arrows or bolts.

The prices of potions from official SJ Games sources should be reduced by a factor of 5. The prices of spell stones should be reduced to 2/5ths normal price.

Specific Potions[]

Sleep: costs $200 and does 3d Fatigue damage in a 2 hex radius as a Area Skin Agent. A successful roll versus HT-1 reduces the damage to 1d+1 Fatigue.

Revised Trail Rations[]

Standard trail rations cost $6 per meal and weigh 1.25 lbs per meal. These are a mix of dried fruits, nuts, and heavily salted meat of uncertain origin. They last for several weeks. Cheap quality trail rations cost $2 and weigh 2.5 lbs per meal. They are actually tastier that good quality trail rations, being essentially home cooked meals taken on the road. However, they spoil within days and weigh a lot.

Serious delvers buy fine quality trail rations at $15 and 1/2 lbs per meal. These are alchemically enhanced rations that do not spoil for months. They can be used to make palatable stews.

Rich delvers buy elven waybread at $150 and 1/2 lbs per day. These slivers of essential food never spoil and taste delicious.

Some delvers prefer dwarf bread, at $25 and 0.5 lb per meal. This alchemically treated bread tastes like cardboard, but it doesn't spoil and provides Resistant to Poison +3 after a steady diet of a month or more.

Tech Level and Costs[]

DF is TL 3. While TL 4 gear is available (and remember to use LT to determine what is TL 4) it is double cost and generally hard to get ahold of.

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