I'm not really sure how to organize this, so I'll just throw stuff on the wall. Feel free to edit it.


Current Goals[]

Short Term[]

  • Resolve Miyaro's situation in the Forest of Spirits
    • Travel to Miyaro's base in the Forest of Spirits

Possibly Abandoned[]

  • Recover the body of the Cowardly White Dragon and kill its draco-lich pal.

Long Term[]

  • Install Ameiko as Empress of Tian.
    • Travel to Minkai from Ordu-Agenhai.
    • Deal with whomever doesn't recognize who claim to the throne.

Former Goals[]

  • Deal with the goblins in the marsh.
  • Deal with the skeletons that killed all the goblins.
  • Find out what belongs to Ameiko in Brinewall castle.
  • Recover Suisheni
  • Kill Kimandatsu
  • Kill the Cowardly White Dragon.
  • Clear the weird morrzkos magical storm-monsters from the North Pole.
  • Navigate the catacombs under the mountains and get the caravan to Tian.


House of Bitter Flowers[]

  • Haunted Forest between Ordu-Agenhai and Minkai
  • Home/prison of the Oni of Five Storms
  • Probably not current holding the Oni of 5 Storms.

Forest of Spirits[]

  • Haunted Forest between Ordu-Agenhai and Minkai
  • Patrolled by brigands under the control of the Jade Regent.
  • The birthplace and retirement homes of the kami.
  • Centered around the House of Bitter Flowers.
  • Dying here tends to produce ghosts


  • Stranger who has allies in the Haunted Forest
  • Kami guardian of the House of BItter Flowers
  • Can help us get through the Haunted Forest if we resolve her problem.

Oni of the Five Storms[]

  • These guys are looking for the Royal Seal of Minkai and can be presumed to be bad people.
  • Kimandatsu is a female oni with a club covered in Tian runes for the Thousand Words of Pain and a bad attitude. Allied with kenku ninjas, zombies, werecreatures, and so forth.
    • Currently dead and likely no longer a threat.
  • Katiyana is probably a female oni with wings, carrying a wand that may produce storm-monsters. Hanging out near the Nameless Spires at the North Pole or the nearby Creepy Tower at Black Lake.
    • Currently dead and likely no longer a threat.

Royal Seal of Minkai[]

  • Magical doo-dad in an anti-scrying box (Warded Box). The Seal identifies/chooses the Royal family of Minkai.
  • Apparently being hunted by the Oni of the 5 Storms.
  • The Warded Box was opened by Ameiko's father about 25 years ago. Her grandfather then took the box to Brinewell castle for further safe-keeping. Grandfather then died, killed by 5 Storm Oni forces looking for the Box.


  • The stone dragon statue (aka Royal Seal of Minkai) in the warding box in Brinewall Castle provided the following visions:
    1. Demonic fiends overran Minkai in the past.
    2. Emperor Shigure was betrayed by his friend (who became a giant demon in jade armor).
    3. Imperial heir Rokuro Kaijitsu fled to Golarion with his family and sold Suisheni to Fynn Snaevald to finance travel to Sandpoint.
  • We also known that the Oni of the Five Storms can track the Royal Seal if the warding box is opened.

Hopefully Resolved Clues[]

Jarl Asvig Longthews[]

  • A former raider, now a minor lord in Karlsbad. His estate is out of town to the south, 2 hours march.
  • His symbol is a lion head. His men wear it on a gold plated torc.
  • Has about 200 armed retainers, less 40 or so.
  • Sent 40 retainers to kill the caravan.
  • About 7' tall.
  • Creepy as hell.
  • His retainers drop out of Karlbad society.
  • His retainers appear to have a lethal curse on them to stop them from saying Jarl Longthews sent them.
  • Stole Suisheni from Fynn Snaevald and killed some of his retainers doing it.
    • Verification: Dying retainer noted "thieves led by a really tall man"
    • Verification: Divination
  • Attacked the trade caravan (and PCs) - probably knew we were coming
    • Attackers had gold torcs, rented longboat.
    • Attack was preceeded by many ravens, including a bloodraven
    • Targeted the caravan, not the PCs by name/description
  • Based on the smell of cats around him, may be some kind of cat-shifter, possibly a jaguar.
  • Has magical jaguar totems circling his house, with summoning and detection magic on them.
  • Is involved with Helva, a lithe woman of uncertain abilities.


  • Showed up on Snorri Stone-eyes boat and started silently stabbing people.
    • Not well armored.
  • More ninjas in RavensCraeg - kenku mountain-demon ninjas. Dislike being exploded by demon-destroying arrows.


  • Rokuro Kaijitsu, formerly Amatatsu Tsutoku (exiled Emperor of Tian and Ameiko's grandfather) sold this intelligent sword to Fynn Snaevald of Karlsbad.
  • Fynn Snaevald kept it for 50 years, couldn't use it.
    • "It never felt right."
  • Stolen 3 weeks before the PCs got to Karlsbad, presumably by Longthews.
  • PCs have been named agents to collect blood-debt for the theft of Suisheni and murder of retainers.
  • May have been dumped in Snorri One-Eye's funeral boat
    • May be in the process of being stolen by something under the boat.
  • Found in castle RavensCraeg in the basement, thrown down a cistern.
  • Currently being carried by Thumvar.

Cowardly White Dragon[]

  • Terrorizing a north pole village.
    • Got Killed
    • Got carried off toward the Nameless Spires by its dracolich pal.
  • Can burrow through ice and snow like no one's business.

Creepy Tower[]

  • A weird tower near the Alabastrine Peaks near the North Pole.
  • Possible hiding place of Katiyana.

Nameless Spires[]

  • A bunch of weird magical spires on the North Pole.
  • No one has ever come back from them.
  • Somehow related to Katiyana (see Oni of the Five Storms).
  • Possible destination of the dracolich pal of the Cowardly White Dragon.