Human languages can be found on the Pathfinder wiki.

There is one additional common language that many non-humans will often undrerstand somewhat:

  • Trade Pidgin: Corrupted remnant of the imperial language of ruined Taldor with many loan-words from a bewildering array of secondary sources. Almost everyone speaks some of it, but due to regional variations it's impossible to speak it at better than Accented, and it has no alphabet.

Below are the vast majority of non-human languages:

  • Aklo: Derros, inhuman or otherworldly monsters, evil fey
  • Aquan: Elemental language; aquatic creatures, water-based creatures
  • Auran: Elemental language; flying creatures, air-based creatures
  • Celestial: Angels and other good outsiders
  • Draconic: Dragons, reptilian humanoids
  • Giant: Cyclopses, ettins, giants, ogres, trolls
  • Goblin: Bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins
  • Ignan: Elemental language; fire-based creatures
  • Infernal: Demons, devils and other evil outsiders
  • Lowspeak: Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings
  • Orc: Orcs, half-orcs
  • Sylvan: Centaurs, druids, elves, fey creatures, plant creatures, unicorns.
  • Terran: Elemental language; earth-based creatures
  • Thassilonian: Ancient language with runic script.
  • Undercommon: Drow, duergar, morlocks, svirfneblin