Population 1500
Supported TL 5 overall
Government and Leadership Oligarchy on military lines; Colonel Bobbi Gotwalds
Defenses TL9 AFVs, Tube artillery, beam Weapons, large guard armed with rifles
Imports High tech scrap, food
Exports Scrap metal
Undesirable Items
Illicit Trade Sells pre-Fall ammunition
Primary Threats

The 181 are the descendants of the 181st Infantry Regiment and the Massachusetts Army National Guard, and as such claim to be the legitimate Provisional Military Government of Massachusetts. They used to enforce their claim by showing up in AFVs (usually IFVs or armored trucks) at nearby villages and collecting "taxes" and sometimes even defending those villages from other raiders or Red Death Raiders. Over the years, the lack of supplies and spare parts has limited the 181's ability to conduct mechanized patrols, and now they rarely venture forth from their base near the ruins of Hanscombe AFB.

Until recently, the 181 did not engage much in trade, and they are still an unpopular destination for traveling merchants. In the last decade, Colonel Gotwalds has bowed to necessity and started scrapping some of their non-functional AFVs and offering the metal on the open market in exchange for desperately need spare parts for the other AFVs. This decision is not popular within the 181.

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