The Atlantic Coast region covers the east coast of the Boston Commonwealth south of the Boston Ruins and the south coast east of Rhode Island. Along with the Carolignias, it is rife with political activities and threats. The Pilgrim's Minutemen Militia Association is actively working to expand in the region and elements of the leadership are trying to turn it into something more than a mutual defense pact, while the Carolignia Kingdom menaces independent towns and the Vineyard pirates raid the southern coast.

Major RuinsEdit

The Atlantic Coast was hit by a variety of nuclear weapons and biochemical attacks. Some ruins are reasonably safe to explore but heavily looted, while others have active persistent chemical weapons in poorly ventilated rooms and are thus deathtraps with valuable pre-War equipment free for the taking by suitably protected scavengers.

Fall RiverEdit

Fall River was caught in the very edge of Providence nuke but the real killer was an extensive chemical weapon attack. The nerve agents used were extremely persistent and took decades of rain to disperse, and Fall River has only become to safe to scavenge in the last thirty years. Even today, scavenging the ruins without chemical warfare gear isn't recommended, as a poorly ventilated room can still have active nerve gas.

New Bedford, Atlantic CoastEdit

on the south coast, NNW of Martha's Vineyard.Alliances

Pilgrim's Minutemen Militia AssociationEdit

Network of villages centered around Plymouth and pledged to mutual defense and support. Exceedingly hostile to the Vineyards and not friendly to the Carolignia Kingdom.


The NavyEdit

A small community built on, around, and especially in the mothballed warships in Battleship Cove in the ruins of Fall River. Notable for having refurbished several of the 5" DP guns on the BB-59 Massachusetts, which they use to dissuade Vineyard pirates.

Unnamed Settlement SE of QuincyEdit

Unnamed Settlement SW of QuincyEdit

fervent member of the PMMA

Unnamed Settlement E of Duxbury Edit


A small town and leader of the Pilgrim's MMA. Religiously conservative (in a weird, non-obvious way). Has a strong faction that wants to turn the PMMA into an empire led by Plymouth which isn't a popular attitude in most of the other towns.


Thirty years ago, some nomad scavengers a host of robots at Bay State College intended for use by apprentice mechanics and salvaged several dozen of them. Using the robots for labor and defense, they set up farms south of Wareham. Now Livemetal is a town of 750 that trades food for robot parts; for enough good, they'll even sell a mostly working robot to interested techs.

Mony PrinceEdit

Five years ago, around 150 anti-tech religious dissidents left Livemetal and moved to a beached and corroded cruise ship south of Marion. They have been busy scrapping other wrecks and selling metal to interested traders. They've suffered heavily from Vineyard raids but refuse to join the Pilgrim's MMA as that would require accepting help from Livemetal.

Squantum Edit

No one is sure if this settlement even exists, but if it does, it's somewhere north of Quincy. Rumors claim that is a collection of descendants of pre-Fall survivalists, and that they share their ancestors paranoia. The area around Squantum, if it exists, is heavily trapped. Squantum supposedly has a large stash of pre-Fall equipment and books but only trades with the outside world very rarely.

Unnamed Settlement S of New BedfordEdit

Unnamed Settlement S of PortsmouthEdit

Unnamed Settlement S of FreetownEdit

Unnamed Settlement between Taunton and MiddleboroughEdit

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