Population 2000
Supported TL 5 overall
Government and Leadership Limited franchise democracy organized on family lines; Chancellor Stephanie Crowder
Defenses Watchtowers, militia with trade rifles
Amenities Electric lights
Imports Computer parts (pays 100%), lightbulbs (pays 75%)
Exports Grains, livestock, business analysis
Undesirable Items Slaves
Illicit Trade
Alliances None
Enemies The 181
Primary Threats Back Bay Greenskins, the Redeemers

Babson is built around the mostly intact buildings of Babson College. The current leadership are descendants of some of the last professors at the college, ruling over the descendants of refugees. Slavery is legal but slaves are taxed and unpopular.

Babson had just upgraded all its computers before the Days of Fire and Fog, and thus had lots of spare. They still run some of their computers, powered by windmills and waterwheels, and use the business analysis software to run predictions of trends in the Boston Commonwealth. The computers are available for other purposes if sufficient goods are donated to the town.

The outlying farms of Babson are frequently raided by the Back Bay Greenskins, and mutants are generally not welcome. The Redeemers also prey on travellers southwest of town, and religious fanatics are not well liked in town either.