Population 900
Supported TL 5 overall, TL6 machined parts
Government and Leadership Limited franchise democracy, currently led by President Jamers
Defenses Battleship armor, moat, TL6 artillery pieces, guard force with trade rifles
Amenities Running water, electric lights
Imports Fruits, Grains, and Vegetables (pays 100%), oxyacetylene (pays 100%), steel (pays 75%), high explosives (pays 75%), ethanol (pays $30/gallon)
Exports Fish, trade rifles, rifle barrels
Undesirable Items
Illicit Trade Recreational pharmaceuticals, slaves
Alliances None
Enemies The Vineyard
Primary Threats

The Navy is a comparatively recent settlement, made from the survivors of three other settlements south of the Carolignia Kingdom that were destroyed by Red Death Raiders about twenty years ago. The survivors found the old ships of Battleship Cove and moved into them, turning them into a fortified camp.

The Navy primarily provides food by catching fish in Mt. Hope Bay. They trade heavily for non-fish food to supplement their diet, as the limited gardens that have on the ships do not even begin to provide enough variety. They have managed to revive some of the ship's old machine shops and power plants, and trade machined parts. They have also refurbished three of the BB-59 Massachusetts' secondary 5" guns, and use them as the primary defense for the settlement.

The Navy's security and food supply has attracted a lot of refugees, especially former residents of Patriot City who fled the Carolognian take-over. These refugees are not given citizenship and can't vote in elections. The Navy's original citizens have no interest in getting into a way with Carolognia, and strenuously oppose attempts to organize a coup, but there is still a substantial anti-Carolognia underground in the less desirable berths on the Navy ships.

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