The Boston Ruins area covers Boston and its continuous urban metroplex: Arlington, Cambridge, Medford, Somerville, Revere, Chelsea, Winthrop, Quincy, Brookline, Newton, Waltham, and Watertown.

Major RuinsEdit

As Boston only suffered a high altitude neutron bomb strike that killed much of the population but did relatively little damage to the buildings, most of the buildings are abandoned but not otherwise ruined. Over the decades, scavengers have looted most of the buildings, and pickings are comparatively thin, though Boston is reasonably safe for scavenging.


The population decimated by a neutron bomb, and then global warming caused flooding that swamped Back Bay, South End, and the harbor north of South Boston. Now it is mostly abandoned by humanity aside from Diamond City and pockets of raiders, pirates, and mutants.


South Cambridge is largely flooded but otherwise undamaged. Memorial Boulevard, on the banks of the St. Charles, is ironically above the water level.

Rumors persist that MIT engineers burrowed underneath the flooded campus and live in a pre-War society and interact with the other survivors through replicants and androids.



between Revere and Salem


due west of Boston on I-90

The Compound is a fortified home near Newton that was converted into a workshop and living space for its heavily isolationist former owner.


SSE of Boston on the Bay


North of Boston and Cambridge, probably not nuked just because of proximity.

Population CentersEdit

Diamond CityEdit

Diamond City is a village located in Fenway Park. It claims the surrounding area of Boston for scavenge rights, which it generally leases to interested parties. It also pays bounties on claim-jumpers. As it is barely self-sufficient in food, in depends on trade for food and is a source of advanced medicine and scavenged and repaired items.

Unnamed Settlement Near Lynn/Nahant/SaugusEdit

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Located just southwest of the ruins of Newton, Babson is built on the remains of a pre-Fall business college. Many of the college's computers are still working, and the Babson leaders treat them as oracles.

Unnamed Settlement SW of Quincy Edit

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