Cape Cod is the easternmost area of the Boston Commonwealth. Although the region was not targeted by nuclear weapons, a mutagenic virus released near the ruins of Barnstable has made land travel to much of the reason difficult. Sailing is the preferred method of travel, but risks attacks from pirates, from the Vineyards and smaller and more desperate bands.

Cape Cod includes the offshore islands, most importantly Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

Major RuinsEdit

There are ruins of eleven small towns on the mainland of Cape Cod, and another four towns on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Most of them are intact, aside from the damage caused by fire, storms, and neglect, though most have been fairly picked over and scavenging is unprofitable. Unstable and nearby Dennis are exceptions: though the buildings are in worse shape, heavily damaged by mutant vegetation and worse, they are almost untouched by scavengers.

Settlements and Population CentersEdit

Unnamed Settlement Near SandwichEdit

Probably part of Pilgrim's MMA.

Otis MangbyEdit

Northeast of Fallmouth, Otis Mangby used to be home to the Massachusetts Air National Guard. They've managed to keep a few light planes functioning, and are greedy consumers of spare parts, avgas, and the like. They export high explosives traded purchased at Castle Hill.

Unnamed Settlement South of OrleansEdit

Castle HillEdit

North of Wellfleet. Has a balky and ill-maintained chemical nanoassembler; exports high-grade high explosives via ships to Plymouth and by plane to Otis Mangby.

The VineyardsEdit

The Vineyards is a pirate enclave, raiding the south coast for slaves for their farms. They have a small manufacturing facility on Nantucket.


Conquered dependency of the Vineyards on Nantucket. What little manufacturing capacity the Vineyards have is concentrated here.

Things of Interest Edit

In the environs of Unstable, there are scattered fields of large, white mushrooms shaped like houses. They are prized for their ability to absorb radiation, reliably removing near fatal amounts in a few days. They don't seem to grow under cultivation and can only be found in the wilds around Unstable. They also grow around similar mushrooms that have black tiny black dots on the stem. These mushrooms are highly poisonous and fatal when ingested. Even though the anti-rad mushrooms are highly valuable, their difficult location and poisonous neighbors means that scavengers rarely attempt to retrieve them.

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