Character CreationEdit

Characters should be built from 250 points, starting with a template from Wastelanders and adding two lenses.

Characters start with $1000 in supplies and can purchase additional gear at the cost of $500 per CP.

Attribute and Skill LimitsEdit

An attribute of 16 or more is considered an exotic trait and is generally off-limits at character creation.

No character can have a combined attribute and skill of 33 or more at character creation. IQ 13, Skill-19 is fine, as is IQ 15, Talent +4, and skill-17, but IQ 15, Skill-18 is not.

Changed TraitsEdit

In general, see House Rules.

Typically Useful Skills Edit

The following skills are likely to be useful for solving problems in the game. Everyone should have bolded skills at the start of campaign. Everyone will probably want skills in italics at some point in the game: Acrobatics, Acting, Architecture, Armoury, Body Sense, Unarmed Combat, Camouflage Carousing, Climbing, Detect Lies, Diagnosis, Diplomacy, Engineering, Escape, Fast-Talk, First Aid, Guns, Hiking, Hold-Out, Interrogation, Intimidation, Leadership, Lockpicking, Melee Weapon, Merchant, Observation, Running, Scrounging, Search, Shield, Stealth, Survival, Swimming, Tactics, Throwing, Tracking, and Traps.

See also the After the End Skill Cheat Sheet.

Survival Specialties

Radioactive Wasteland is most useful for dealing with radiation in the cities and major towns such as the ruins of Providence, Rhode Island. Scattered pockets of radioactive decay can be found through the Commonwealth, but are more frequent in the Littleton Desert.

The vast majority of the Commonwealth's territory is Plains, with a Desert in the northwest. The next most common terrain is Woodlands, with scattered Swampland along the various rivers. There is extensive Beach terrain along the east and south coasts. There are no instances of Arctic, Jungle, or Mountain terrain in the Commonwealth.

Area Knowledge Specialties

Small Nation: The Boston Commonwealth.

City: Boston Ruins, the Littleton Desert, Cape Cod (includes the islands and southern shore to Rhode Island), North Shore (Salem and Gloucester-Rockport), Atlantic Coast (area south of Boston as far east as Rhode Island, overlaps with Cape Cod), Rhode Island, the Carolignias (southwest and West of Boston, overlaps with Atlantic Coast)

Village or Town: Any named settlement of any size.

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