Population 500
Supported TL 5 overall, TL6 medicine and chemistry, heavily scavenged for other gear
Government and Leadership Direct democracy, led by Mayor Nat Wright
Defenses High wall, TL6 artillery pieces, guard force with rifles, militia with rifles
Amenities Running water, electric lights
Imports Preserved Food (pays 100%), Junked Items (pays 75%), Food and livestock (pays 75%), Biodiesel (pays $50/gallon)
Exports Scavenged Gear, Light Bulbs, TL 6 medicine
Undesirable Items
Illicit Trade Slaves
Alliances None
Enemies None
Primary Threats Back Bay Greenskins, South Boston Pirates

Diamond City, also known as F'Way Park, is a village entirely within the old Fenway Park baseball park. It was first settled during the Days of Fire and Fog, when FEMA used it as an emergency shelter after the neutron bomb decimated the Boston population. The population has grown and ebbed over the years, and stabilized at its current levels.

The baseball field itself is a heavily cultivated microgarden that is inadequate to support the current population, supplemented by fishing in the St. Charles River. Diamond City necessarily imports a lot of food, and welcomes traders. Canned foods are especially desirable, as the Mayor wants to have a lot on hand to make it through the yearly sieges by Red Death Raiders.

Diamond City boasts working plumbing and electricity from a substantial biodiesel plant in the old press box behind the home plate. There is also a small glass blowing facility in the stands, and the combination of plentiful glassware and refrigeration allows Diamond City to have a decent if small chemical industry, mostly focused on medicines.

Diamond City claims salvage rights over Boston and Cambridge, but doesn't have the population to meaningful exploit or enforce those rights. It licenses scavenging rights for a flat $500 per week and pays $50 per sighting for confirmed information on claim jumpers. Claim jumping is a crime, punishable by confiscation of goods upon entering Diamond City. Especially notorious claim jumpers get bounties placed on their heads.