Dodge Power Wagon
TL Vehicle ST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ DR Range Cost Locations Notes
7 Dodge Power Wagon 75/70 -1/3 10f 2/38 5 1.70 +3 1+3+1 19 200 $30K G4W Hauls 4 tons

The Dodge Power Wagon is a highly modified, lovingly restored and customized 1974 Dodge Power Wagon with 3 axles, a 4-door crew cab, Boise stereo, and an oversized biodiesel engine with exposed turbo-supercharger. There is a microwave on the passenger dash and a padded bench in the bed. There is a rear facing ring turret at the back of the bed with a DR 14 gun shield and a Milkor grenade launcher.

It can carry 400 lbs of gear in hidden compartments (300 lbs under the bed, which gets hot enough to ignite ammo on long rides) all of which rattle while the truck is moving.

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