"Wipe their faces clean!" -- Traditional Friends of Entropy chant.
The Friends of Entropy is the guiding philosophy of the feral, virulent, toxic meme complex that creates Red Death Raiders. The exact details of the philosophy aren't known (extensively interviewing Red Death Raiders increases the chances of being infected by the meme complex) but it seems to be a perversion of 21st century Green ecology ideas and anti-population groups such as the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. The Friends of Entropy seem to think that on millennial timeframes, even the damage done by a total nuclear exchange is minimal compared to the damage that humanity will by polluting the planet for thousands of years.

Since the Days of Fire and Fog, the Friends of Entropy has shifted, and now it focuses on destroying any industrial society. From the battle cries of the Red Death Raiders, it seems likely they will eventually destroy all societies, including their own raider bands, after the work of destroying the industrial societies and civilization is complete.

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