Nu World supports GURPS Character Assistant 4!

Official GDFs Edit

This is the link to the Wastelanders GDF. It adds all the new traits and templates from GURPS After The End 1: Wastelanders.

This is the link to the Wastelanders "Remove unnecessary traits" GDF. It removes traits that are not on the Recommended list in GURPS After The End 1: Wastelanders.

These will be included in the next data update for GURPS Character Assistant 4.

Nu World GDFs Edit

The "NW_House_Rules.gdf" file contains all the house rules necessary for character creation, such as the regrouping of Guns skills.

  • If you purchase a SMG, shotgun, musket, light machine gun, or other weapon that uses one of the standard GURPS skills instead of Guns (Longarm), you will need to select the same Gun skill as a 0 point purchase so that GCA gets your skill level correct on the equipment sheet.
  • If you purchase any of the [type] Weapons skill, such as Sword Weapons or Gun Weapons, you need to also select the appropriate weapon sub-skills as 0 point purchases so that GCA gets your skill level correct on the equipment sheet.

The "NW_EAD.gdf" contains a modified version of the Easier Armor Desgin equipment. This isn't necessary unless you want GCA to correctly calculate the weight and cost of any armor you purchase.

  1. To add a new armor, start by going to the Equipment tab and filtering against "Armor - Body Armor - Build Your Own".
  2. Select a base armor type from one of the options.
  3. In the "Armor Location List" pop up window, select the locations that the armor covers. GCA will create the new armor with DR 1 and no other modifiers.
  4. In the "Character Equipment" panel, double click on the new armor so that the "Simple Edit" window opens. I usually rename the armor at this point, so that the name describes it (ie, "Leather gloves" or "Mail hauberk") and the extension has coverage and material ("hands" or "torso, thighs, arms") but that's up to you.
  5. Click on the "Modifiers" button to bring up the "Modifiers" dialogue. At a minimum, select the Armor DR modifier. If you want armor with DR 2 or more, you must add the Armor DR modifier and then double-click on it to bring up the "Edit Modifier" dialog and adjust the Level to your final desired DR.
  6. Add any other desired modifiers and close the "Modifiers" dialogue and then "Simple Edit" dialogue. GCA will recalculate the cost and weight of your armor.
  7. You can adjust the modifiers as you see fit, but the only way to adjust location coverage is by creating a new armor.
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