Population 1000
Supported TL 5 overall
Government and Leadership Theology, led by Reverend John Michael Blake III
Defenses Watchtowers, militia with crossbows, mutants
Imports Pure Water (pays 150%), Grains and Vegetables (pays 75%)
Exports Scavenged Items, Cattle
Undesirable Items Electronics, anti-radiation medicine
Illicit Trade Slaves, recreational drugs, books
Alliances None
Enemies None
Primary Threats

New Life Church of God is built around a church building that miraculously remained intact during the tectonic upheaval that created the Littleton Desert. Equally miraculously, a pure water spring spouted nearby. Reverend John Michael Blake opened the church to refugees, especially the few survivors of the nuclear weapon used on nearby Lowell.

New Life Church of God is now a theocracy, holding to a mutant version of Christianity. Mutants are seen as blessed by God, and are joyously welcomed into the community. Books other than the Bible are strictly forbidden in town.

The Blakes continue to welcome refugees. Most people find scratching out a living on a barren desert periodically scoured by fallout laden sandstorms is too much effort and move on, but many mutants find the welcoming community and uplifting message inspirational and stay. The New Lifers raise cattle on the scrub of the Littleton Desert and sometimes loot the ruins of nearby Lowell for junk they can sell to the infrequent traders.

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