The North Shore is the part of the Boston Commonwealth north of Boston and east of the Littleton Desert, out to and including Cape Ann. It was barely targeted by any weapons of mass destruction, and aside from Red Death Raiders attacking out of New Hampshire, is one of the safer and more pleasant parts of the Commonwealth.

Major RuinsEdit


N of Boston, NE of Lowell, just outside the Littleton Desert. Nuked.

Villages and SettlementsEdit

Salem Minutemen Militia AssociationEdit

This network of villages centered around Salem are pledged to mutual defense and support. All of the settlements in the North Shore are part of the Salem except for the one near Ipswich.


Unnamed Village Southeast of LawrenceEdit

Glows in the dark.

Unnamed Village by Ipswich Edit

Not part of the Salem MMA.

Anton's Garage Edit

Located SW of Gloucester, Anton's Garage is a village of 750 built around the remains of an automobile service station. The settlement is famous for producing muzzle loading and breach loading cannon, mostly 12-lbers and 24-lbers, at the rate of a few per year. As it is well protected over land by the rest of the Salem MMA and from pirate attacks its own cannon, the local leadership is proposing that the settlement drop out of the MMA to avoid losing population in the defense of the other settlements.

Count PenEdit

Located NW of Salem, this village of 900 is built around the ruins of the Essex County Penitentiary. It exports coats of (license) plates, a form of cheap brigandine armor, and claims to be the legitimate provisional government of Massachusetts as the Governor and his cabinet fled here after the Days of Fire and Fog.

Unnamed village ESE of BurlingtonEdit

Has major difficulties with the 181.

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