Population 6000
Supported TL 5 overall
Government and Leadership Kingdom with advisory parliament; King Eddie Liu rules as a charismatic tyrant supported by a military aristocracy ruling over peasants and serfs
Defenses High wall, large standing army with cavalry and trade rifles
Amenities Running water
Imports Slaves, metals,
Exports Trade rifles and ammunition, ethanol, biodiesel, livestock
Undesirable Items
Illicit Trade Electronics (buy at 200%), Escaped Slaves (will pay to be smuggled out)
Alliances Capitol of Carolignia Kingdom
Enemies Uxbridge Farms, Pilgrim's Minuteman Milita Association
Primary Threats Red Death Raiders, Patriot rebels

The core of Patriot City is the Gillette Stadium, a large football arena that was fortified and turned into a refugee center during the Days of Fire and Fog. Since the Stadium was in the countryside, the refugees never had the problems with farming and food supply that the refugees of Diamond City had, and population boomed. The stadium was used as a fortification, and houses were built on the gridiron, but food was grown in the fields outside the stadium.

Over the years, the rulers of Patriot City got complacent, sure that their high walls would repel any invader. They refused to join the Pilgrim's Minutemen Militia Association, and eventually paid the price: agents of the Carolignia Kingdom suborned elements of the guard and took the place in a storm. The traitor guards were killed and the former Patriot citizens became serfs on their own land, while the Carolignia King moved into the skyboxes and made Patriot City the capitol of the Kingdom.

By royal edict, all trade from outside the kingdom must be conducted in Patriot City, and the Assessor takes 20% of any exchanged goods. The Foreigner's Market takes place on the old visitor's End Zone, and is open daily. Despite the onerous tax, Patriot City is one of the few places in the Boston Commonwealth with a surplus of trade rifles, and there is a steady trickle of travelling merchants heading to and from Patriot City.

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