Population 1300
Supported TL early 5 overall, limited TL 6 manufacturing
Government and Leadership Direct democracy; Mayor Avery Williams
Imports Scrap robots, scrap computers
Exports Dried Fish, Horses, TL5 manufactured goods
Undesirable Items
Illicit Trade Slaves, recreational drugs
Alliances None
Enemies Carolignia Kingdom, Vineyards
Primary Threats

Plymouth is the largest and most important settlement in the Pilgrim's Minutemen Militia Association. It is built around the old Plimoth Plantation historical re-creation village and has been expanded since.

Plymouth is also the home of the Enlightened Presbyterian Church, a conservative branch of Christianity. The Enlightened Presbyterian Church is decorated with deactivated computers and robots, and members of the Church are willing to buy additional robots and computers. The exact meaning of these decorations is a mystery revealed only to dedicated believers.

A large portion of the town's population is actively agitating to transform the PMMA into something more than a mutual defense pact in the face of the unified threat of the Carolignia Kingdom. As most of the expansionist faction are also Enlightened Presbyterians, this proposal has not gotten much traction outside of Plymouth. Enlightened Presbyterian missionaries are traveling to the other settlements, trying to expand the congregation.

The Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station, shut down in the early 21st century, was re-established before the Fall and then mothballed for unknown reasons. The site has been heavily scavenged by Enlightened Presbyterians, and Plymouth still patrols the vicinity of the station. Rumors persist that the Presbyterians mostly took the computers and robots, and left the other equipment and resources, including the nuclear material, but no scavengers have successfully retrieved anything of note.

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