Gadgeteer (Specialized)

Despite what it says on Wastelanders p 20, a Gadgeteer (Mechanics) can work on devices powered by an electric motor. Otherwise you run into the stupid situation where a Gadgeteer (Mechanics) can make a drill press if it's powered by a waterwheel, but as soon as he hooks it up to an electric motor, he can't work on it any longer.

Gadgeteer (Electronics) is the appropriate specialization for inventing, modifying, or repairing electric motors, regardless of where their power goes.


Compulsive Gadgeteering

You must spend at least two hours a day inventing. Roll self-control when presented with a problem that has no obvious or quick solution to not invent a gadget to resolve it. Roll self-control after every hour or after completing 10% of the time on an invention, whichever is longer, to stop gadgeteering and do other things like eat, sleep, or act as a guard. You get a +3 bonus for the second and successive self-control roll.

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