There is a lot of common knowledge about the Boston Commonwealth. Much of it is witnessed, verified, or otherwise known true: the PCs have either experienced it directly or have been told stories by a direct witness.

The information on this page was all passed on indirectly, third or fourth hand, as things witnessed by a friend of a friend. These are just myths, rumors, and legends. Some of these may be entirely true; others are true only in some details; some are entirely false.

Ipswich survivalist colony.[]

There is rumors of a group of friendly survivalists in Ipswich.

Squantum survivalist campsite[]

North of Quincy, there is a group of reclusive survivalists who had prepared for the Days of Fire and Fog. Their descendants still live in the camp, with a still substantial supply of pre-Fall technology, books, and resources.

Hidden Heir to the Carolignia Kingdom[]

The Huttons were the royal family of Carolignia before the coup by Eddie Lui. Although most of the Huttons were wiped out, Princess Luanne was smuggled out of the area by loyalists and now still lives. Her exact location is uncertain - near Salem, on Cape Cod past Unstable, in the Littleton Desert, on Nantucket Island, or possibly somewhere beyond the ruins of Providence. If she could be found, she would be the rightful queen of Carolignia and a powerful rallying point for those who want to overthrow the tyranny of King Edward.

Intelligent Mirelurks[]

On the east coast of Cape Cod, there is a tribe of mirelurks that stand on two legs and that can talk and reason. They are capable of diving deep into the ocean depths to salvage sunken ships, and will do so in exchange for cows. They do not tolerate disrespect, and can project deadly blasts of sonic energy when provoked.

Lost FEMA Cache[]

Somewhere in the Commonwealth is an untouched cache of FEMA supplies, intended to provide tools and equipment to rebuild civilization after the Days of Fire and Fog. Some versions of the rumor have a large supply of robots in the cache. Possible locations include

  • Hanscombe Air Force Base
  • Logan Air Port
  • Martha's Vineyard
  • Uxbridge Farms
  • Under an overpass on I-495 or I-90
  • In the ruins of Barnstable (now Unstable)
  • Near Batteleship Cove in the ruins of Fall River
  • The Providence Civic Center or the Rhode Island Auditorium in the ruins of Providence, Rhode Island.

The cache has been searched for, off and on, for decades. At this point, very few people expect the cache to be found or that it ever even existed.

MIT Underground[]

MIT engineers tunneled beneath Cambridge before the Days of Fire and Fog, and have dug deeper and deeper since and sealed off most of the entrances. There is an entire advanced civilization beneath the ruins of Cambridge. The MITers now send out synthetic people to interact with the Commonwealth.

Peaceful Greenskin Village[]

There is a village filled with peaceful Greenskins living in the Littleton Desert. They'll provide food, water, and shelter to anyone who visits them free of charge. They mine iron and drill for oil and will trade those for food.

Robot Searchers in Rhode Island[]

Human form robots are moving in small groups through western Rhode Island and up into the Carolignias. They are looking for something, though they won't communicate as to what they're looking for. Anyone who gets too close or aggressive gets killed by laser fire.

Smart Roadway[]

There is a section of I-295 near Providence in which the living roadway has mutated into not just a Clubber colony, but a smart clubber colony. It can write words on its surface and understand human speech, and has learned to enjoy puzzles and riddles. Anyone trapped by the colony who can stump it with a riddle will be released and sped upon their way, while the lives of those who can't answer the colony's riddles are forfeit.

Synthetic Humans and Bioroids[]

Someone - most likely the hidden engineers of MIT - is creating manufactured, synthetic humans or bioroids that look and act almost exactly like real people but are secret part of a conspiracy to rule the Commonwealth. The creators of these Synths will kidnap people and replace them with look-alike Synths.

Secret Underground NASA Base in Boston ruins[]

NASA built a secret training base underground in the City of Boston. Before the days of fire and fog. And it has some connection to the austronaught we found.