The Compound is a heavily fortified home and workshop about fifteen miles west of Diamond City, near Newton. Sitting on a roughly two-acre plot with the nearby underbrush mostly cleared, the house itself is surrounded by an 8' fence topped with electrified razor wire. Past the fence is a minefield, with a combination of old-fashioned pressure-detonated mines and a safe path made up of mines with electronic triggers that can be deactivated via keypads outside the main gate and inside the house. A pair of high cupolas have been fortified as bunkers, each with a pair of automated crossbow bolt-launching turrets that will track and fire at anything they detect between the two fences. The turrets can also be deactivated by keypad.

The house itself has living space for a handful of people, a well with clean water, and a full machine and electronics shop as well as an Armoury (Small Arms) Workshop in the garage. There's room to expand; more beds and furniture could be added. The house has been thoroughly looted and cleaned up by Rabbit and the other Wastelanders - apart from the facilities themselves there's little of value left to be found.

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