Back Bay Greenskins Edit

A large tribe of greenskins, living near Diamond City in the former Back Bay area of the Boston ruins. They rarely assault F'way Park directly, but are a constant menace for scavengers working in that area and traders and travelers moving to or from Diamond City to the southwest.

South Boston Pirates Edit

A pirate gang of about fifty, supposedly based in the South Boston area. They are known to have a large sailing vessel and at least two power boats. They tend to attack ships traveling in the Massachusetts Bay, even striking out as far as Cape Cod. They are rumored to fence their loot in Plymouth or possibly New Gloster. The gang also considers South and East Boston to be their inclusive preserve, and have been known to attack scavengers they find in those area. It isn't certain if they have a truce with the Back Bay Greenskins, or if the two groups have a low level territorial dispute over the ruins of South End.

Redeemers Edit

This large gang of seventy to eighty members is based out of an old patrol station on I-495, northwest of Uxbridge Farms. They have strange notions of purity, and are xenophobically anti-mutant but also strongly against tattoos and long hair. People who meet their arbitrary and arcane standards of purity are invited to join the gang, while the impure are subject to theft and murder. They are quite active in threatening trade north of Uxbridge Farms, and are rumored to be in the pay of the Carolignia Kingdom to interdict the supply of spare parts to the robots at Uxbridge Farms.

Red Death RaidersEdit

Red Death Raiders are victims of a virulent, toxic meme complex that causes them to band together to destroy things. They gather in the east near Connecticut and raid in bands of 30 to 100 during the spring. They're a major reason why the tech base hasn't improved in the generations after the Fall: the RDR focus on destroying high tech civilizations, and while they're usually driven off, the cost of doing so means the greater economy is pretty depressed.

Unstable Edit

Formerly the city of Barnstable on the coast of Cape Cod, a mutagenic virus was unleashed in the region that affected the people, plants, and animals. Combined with the expansion of the saltwater marshes thanks to risen sea levels, the result is a terrifying patch of hazardous terrain inhabited by sentient man-eating plants, subsentient man-eating humanoids, and the occasional massive six-legged man-eating shark. Unstable blocks land travel to the eastern part of Cape Cod, and has put a real crimp in the region's tourism industry.

Viral, Feral, Toxic Meme Complexes Edit

Pre-Fall memetic engineering perfected self-replicating ideas (or memes), and learned how to create complexes of them that could irresistibly take over a person's thoughts and spread from there to other people. These viral meme complexes were mostly a nuisance before the fall, as advanced education and filtering systems on wearable computers did a lot of prevent their transmission. Sadly, enough people were infected by the Friends of Entropy meme complex to help trigger the Days of Fire and Fog, and there were survivors still infected with that meme complex and others.

The meme complexes went feral in the days after the Fall, and are poorly suited to the minds of the modern Commonwealth. Still, they are incredibly resilient and invasive, and listening too long to someone infected by a viral meme complex risks the chance of being infected by it too.

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