Population 500, plus unknown number of robots
Supported TL 4
Government and Leadership Dictatorship of "the Great Oz" as mediated by the Wheel Group, a junta of spokesmen
Defenses Defense robots with lasers
Amenities Running water, electric lights
Imports Ultratech components (pays 150%), manufactured goods, computer manuals (pays $50/book)
Exports Food, biodiesel, ethanol
Undesirable Items Guns and ammo (pays 30%), raw materials
Illicit Trade None
Alliances None
Enemies Carolignia Kingdom
Primary Threats

Uxbridge Experimental Agriculture Center or more commonly Uxbridge Farms is an automated farm complex from before the Days of Fire and Fog. Since the end of civilization, it has used its robots to grow and distribute food. Defense robots, armed with deadly lasers, have kept the farms mostly free from raiders for the past 70 years. Uxbridge Farms is in constant need of repair parts for those robots, and will pay a hefty premium for them, while their northern neighbor the Carolignia Kingdom interdicts that trade. Many scavengers find it easier to find stuff in the ruins of Providence and make the short run up to Uxbridge than to evade the patrols between Uxbridge and Boston, but neither option is particularly safe.

The human population is divided into two groups: an underclass descended from the survivors of the original Ag Center workers and some refugees, and an aristocracy of programmers who can communicate with Uxbridge Farms' resident AI. According the leadership of those programmers, the so-called "Wheel Group", the AI now prefers to be called "the Great Oz" and has limited the population of Uxbridge Farms. It is possible to become a subject of the Great Oz, but doing so requires either exceptional programming skill or demonstrated ability to repair robots.

The current leadership of the Wheel Group would like to be more expansionist, or at least more proactive in dealing with the Kingdom, but are constrained by the poor repair of the Defense Robots and Oz's own proclamations against weapon ownership within the Farms. They are rumored to be looking for resourceful, discreet individuals who can get things done and are willing to be paid in cattle and cabbage.

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