Population 1700 (600 Socialists and 1100 indentured servants and an unknown number of escapees)
Supported TL 5
Government and Leadership Nominally a social democratic republic following the US constitution with a very limited franchise; effectively an authoritarian oligarchy; currently led by President Wendy Ford
Defenses Islands, several armed sailboats and powerboats
Amenities None
Imports None
Exports None
Undesirable Items None
Illicit Trade None
Alliances None
Enemies PIlgrim's Minutemen Militia Association
Primary Threats

Martha's Vineyard was once an upper class resort on an island off the Massachusetts shore; after the Days of Fire and Fog it was swarmed with refugees and suffered disease and famine. Supposedly, the last surviving Secretary of the US Department of Labor, and thus the last legitimate President of the United State, was among those refugees, and the eventual survivors on Martha's Vineyard claim to be the US Federal Government in exile. By their lights, they are dealing with a vast insurrection on the mainland, and the prisoners they take in their pirate raids are traitors being legitimately punished.

The neighboring island of Nantucket was similarly swamped by refugees, though it managed to weather the assaults and build up a small manufacturing base. Sadly, the Nantuckans were forcibly annexed by the Vineyards.

The Vineyards support themselves through piracy, slave-taking, and farming. They are fairly xenophobic and don't formally engage in trade, though there are rumors that some of the small, freelance traders wandering the Commonwealth are effectively fences for Vineyard loot. There are also rumors of escaped slaves roaming free on the Vineyards and Nantucket.

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