Nu World[]

An online GURPS game based on After the End, inspired by Gamma World and Fallout. Basically exploring ruined, radioactive cities and fighting mutants.

Boston Commonwealth Map


No one lives who was born before the Days of Fire and Fog. Billions of people died in the gases of biochemical terrorist attacks and the fullscale launch of neutron enhanced fission and fusion missiles. Ultratech wonder weapons rearranged the entire landscape, leveling mountains and raising new ones.

Now, some seventy years or more later, the descendants of the remnant population struggle to survive and rebuild. The challenges are many: raiders, toxic viral meme complexes, radiation, mutants, and the mutual distrust of the few remaining societies, but the ruined cities of the Old Earth hold a wealth of tools and technologies for those bold and foolish enough to risk venturing forth from the secured compounds.

Online Play[]

The group usually meets online on Wednesdays from 5:30pm until 9pm Central Time (USA, GMT -600). Lurkers are welcome and should contact Mark Langsdorf, the GM, at mark.langsdorf@gmail.com for information on how to get in on the game. New players are also welcome and should also email Mark.


The game focuses on primarily on the part of the Nu World that was formerly Boston, Massachusetts but includes Rockport in the northeast and down to Quonochontaug, Rhode Island in the southwest. For simplicity, this area is called the Boston Commonwealth, though it is by no means a unified political entity. Inhabitants of the Commonwealth usually identify with their town or settlement, but can collectively be referred to as Nu Worlders.

The Commonwealth can be divided into several areas: the Boston Ruins, the Littleton Desert, Cape Cod, North Shore, Atlantic Coast, Rhode Island, and the Carolignias.

Mutant animals and plants.
Gangs, mutants, and the like.
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Characteristics of the average settlement.

Characters and Campaign[]

A listing of the wastelander PCs.

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The official and optional rules that are in use.
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Clarifications of official rules that are unclear.
House Rules
Changes to official rules.
Earning Character Points
Ways to earn CP for advancement.


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Campaign Wiki Editing[]

I'm going to post some initial setting information here on the wiki. Beyond that, nothing -- you guys will have to discover the rest in-game. If you want to use the wiki to take notes or keep track of setting information you discover, I heartily encourage that; feel free to contribute whatever you feel like.

To make it easier to create New Campaign pages, I made two templates:

  • When linking to a page about hobgoblins, use {{NW|Hobgoblins}} instead of [[Hobgoblins]] or [[NW|Hobgiblins]].
  • At the bottom of every page, put the {{NWCat}} instead of [[Category:Nu World]]. (It's quicker to type, too.)

(Note that those templates use squiggly braces { } not square brackets [ ].)

Remember that it's easier to reorganize existing info than to organize non-existing info, so if any of this page-link-stuff confuses you, it would be a better use of your time to just start typing on some existing page and let someone else move stuff around later.